Midori Sushi Japanese Fusion


Soup and Salad

Miso Soup
Soy bean soup
Hamaguri Soup
Clam soup
Seafood Soup
Shrimp,scallop, white fish,crab and vegetables
Green Salad
with special house dressing
Seaweed Salad
served with sesame oil
Kani Salad
Crab,cucumber,caviar, spicy mayo and sesame.
Avocado and Asparagus Salad
house salad avocado and asparagus
Mango Prawn Salad
fresh mango,jumbo sweet shrimp and spring mix
Midori Salad
crispy kani salad and field green and creamy avocado
Yaki Tuna Salad
Lightly seared tuna and spring mixed


Broiled soy bean
Scallops Butter Yaki
Grilled scallops martnated in teriyaki sauce
Yasai Gyoza
vegetable dumplings
Japanese style meat and vegetable dumplings
Japanese Style shrimp steamed dumplings
Spring Roll
mixed vegetables
Chicken Katsu(AP)
Deep fried boneless chicken
Tempura (AP)
deep fried shrimp and vegetable w. tempura sauce
Nasu Niniku
Stir-fry ortanta' eggplant w. garlic and teriyaki sauce
Beef Kushiyaki
Beef skewers grilled with teriyaki sauce
Beef Negimaki (AP)
Scallions rolled with prime beef and teriyaki sauce
Seafood Kushiyaki
Shrimp,scallops,skewers or new with chef's sauce
Asian Fried Oyster
5 pcs lightly fried oyster with special dipping sauce
Hibachi Shrimp (AP)
Shrimp served with our special ginger and mustard sauce
Hamachi Kama
Broiled yellowtail collar,served w. panzu sance

Midori Signature Cold Dishes

All Dishes Served in Fusion Style

Midori's "A.A.C" Roll
Fresh mango on top of AAC roll served with chef's special sauce
Tuna Martine
Spicy tuna tartar,seaweed salad,cucumber,served in martine glass
Tuna Tartarki
Thin sliced seared tuna served on top of cucumber and panzu sauce
Crispy Spicy Tuna Roll
Fatty tuna marinated w. chef's spicy sauce served on top of crispy rice rolls
Blue Crab Mango Hand Roll
Blue crab,juicy mango,avocado and spring mixed with pink soybean seaweed,served w. mango sauce and passion fruit dressing
Tuna Mango Tartar
Crushed fatty tuna,fresh mango and creamy avocado ,with lighty spicy sauce,top with tobiko and quail egg
Crispy Spicy Lobster Roll
Lobster martnated w. chef's special wasabi mayo sauce served on the top of crispy rice roll
Yuzu Yellowtail Special
Yellowtail sashimi match with thin sliced of avocado and jalapeno,served w yuzu ** sauce
Fluke Sashimi Special
Thin sliced fluke sashimi,jalapeno,served w. chef's special ponzu sauce
Triple Layered Tartar
Spicy tuna tartar,spicy salmon tartar and spicy yellowtail tartar served on top of crispy patato chips
Midori Chips (6 pcs)
Ceviche style of, chunked tuna, salmon yellowtail, mix with seaweed salad and spicy sauce, sered on top of crispy chips.
Tuna Ravioli
avocado poats wrapped within sliced tuna served w. chef's special sauce
Fusion Sushi (Dinner)
10 pcs NON-TRADITIONAL sushi(different fish match with different kind of ingredient and sauce.

Sushi or Sashimi (A La Carte)

order by pieces

Shrimp (Ebi) $4.00
Egg Tamago $4.00
Crab Kani $4.00
Tuna Maguro $6.00
Salmon Sake $5.00
Fluke (Hirame) $5.00
Octopus Tako $5.00
Squid Ika $5.00
White Tuna $5.00
Masago $5.00
Red Clam Hokkigai $5.00
Mackerel Saba $5.00
Yellowtail Hamachi $6.00
Eel Unagi $6.00
Smoked Salmon $6.00
Ikura $6.00

Sushi or Sashimi

Served with Miso Soup and Salad

Combo Roll Dinner
1 spicy tuna roll, 1california roll, 1 alaskan roll
Chirashi Dinner
Assorted sashimi served on a mound of sushi rice
Sushi Dinner
9 pieces pf sushi and 1 tuna roll
Sashimi Dinner
assorted finest fish of the day
Sashimi Trio Dinner
tuna,salmon and yellowtail with sushi rice
Sushi Sashimi Combination
special combination of sushi and sashimi
Party One
5 rolls (Value equal or less than $5.00 )and 1 special roll
18 pcs sushi and 1 special roll
Midori Supreme
sushi and sashimi combination for two,12 pcs sushi,15 pcs sashimi and spicy tuna,spicy salmon

Roll or Hand Roll

Cucumber Roll $3.50
Avocado Roll $3.95
Sweet Potato Roll $3.95
Vegetable Roll $3.95
California Roll $4.50
Yellowtail Roll $4.95
Boston Roll $4.95
Tuna Roll $4.95
Salmon Roll $4.95
Alaskan Roll $4.95
Asparagus Roll $3.95
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $5.50
Philadelphia Roll $5.50
Eel Avocado roll $4.95
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.50
Spicy White Tuna $5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll $5.50
Christmas Roll $6.00
Eel Special Roll $6.00
Hot Roll $6.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.00
Rock and Roll $6.95
Orange Roll $6.95
Spider Roll $7.95
Dragon Roll $10.95
Rainbow Roll $10.95

Midori Special Rolls

Butterfly Roll
Two piece of crispy shrimp tempura roll with fresh aspargus and fish egg
Naruto Roll
belly tuna,salmon,yellowtail and avocado rolled with cucumber wrap
Midori Spicy Tuna Roll
Fatty red tuna martnated w. chef's spicy sauce outside,inside w. cucumber and avocado
New Jersey Roll
spicy crunchy tuna and avocado inside,outside top with BBQ eel and creamy avocado.
Amazing Roll
Spicy crunchy tuna and avocado inside,top w. fresh mango and tobiko
Pink Lady Roll
spicy fatty tuna and crunchy & avocado inside,top with fresh cut salmon
Jade Roll
BBQ eel and cucumber inside,outside w. seaweed salad,caviar and spicy sauce
Lou's Roll
Batter fried fish and cucumber inside,spicy crunchy tuna and avocado on top
Highland Park Roll
BBQ eel and cucumber inside,fresh salmon and avocado on top
Madness Roll
spicy tuna,spicy yellowtail inside,outside with crispy spicy salmon on top
Fancy Roll
Belly red tuna and creamy avocado inside,spicy crunchy tuna on top
Volcano Roll
yellow fin tuna,alaska salmon ,avocado and cucumber inside caviar and 2 spicy sauce on top
Imperial Dragon Roll
Alaska crab,avocado and cucumber inside,smoked salmon and eel and avocado on top
Red Dragon Roll
BBQ eel,avocado and cucumber inside ,outside with red tuna on top
Hollywood Roll
spicy white tuna and avocado inside,fatty red tuna and fresh mango on top
Midori Roll
Tuna,salmon,yellowtail and avocado inside,outside with rainbow tobiko.
Rainbow Dragon Roll
2 pieces jumbo sweet shrimp tempura and cucumber inside ,BBQ eel and avocado outside w. catar on top
Crazy Roll
Batter fried sweet shrimp and cucumber inside,fatty spicy tuna and crunch on top,served spicy mayo and eel sauce
Blue Crab Fantastic Roll
BBQ eel and avocado inside, outside top with martuated blue crab w. chef's spicy creamy sauce.

Sushi Bar Entrée

Served with Salad and Miso Soup

Salmon Combination (LUNCH)
4 pcs,salmon sushi and salmon avocado roll
Sushi Lunch
assort 6 pcs of sushi and canfornia roll
Sashimi Lunch
assort 10 pcs finast fish of the day
Salmon Sashimi Lunch
12 pcs salmon sashimi w. shshi rice
Sushi and Sashimi Lunch
3 pcs of sushi ,6 pcs of sashimi and canfornia roll
Unagi Don (L)
BBQ Japanese eel and special sauce WITH sushi rice

Hibachi Dinners

Hibachi Vegetable Dinner
Combination of mushroom,onion,squash,(without shrimp)
Hibachi Chicken
tender chciken seasoned style
Hibachi Shrimp
the most flavori shrimp ,you 'll over taste
Hibachi Salmon $18.95
Hibachi Scallops $18.95
Hibachi Steak $19.95
Hibachi Steak and Chicken $22.95
Hibachi Filet Mignon $23.95
Hibachi Steak and Shrimp $24.95
Hibachi Lobster Tail $26.95
Hibachi Sure and Turf $27.95
Hibachi Ocean Delight $28.95

Kid s Menu

For those twive and under

Hibachi Chicken(KID) $10.95
Hibachi Shrimp(KID) $11.95
Hibachi Steak(KID) $11.95


Served with Miso Soup,Salad and Rice

Ton Katsu(D)
deep fried pork
Chicken Katsu(D)
breaded chicken cutlet served w.katsu sauce
deep fried shrimp and vegetables,served w. tempura sauce

Donburi and Noodles(Kitchen Entrees)

Served with Miso Soup,Salad

Oyako Don (D)
a bOW of steamed rice topped w. of chicken,vegetables,one egg and our special sauce
Katsu Don (D)
a bOwl of steamed rice topped with deep fried pork ,vegetables,one egg and our own special sauce
Shrimp Tempura Udon(D)
noodles with fried shrimp and vegetable tempura in hot soup
Nabeyaki Udon(D)
noodles with shrimp TEMPURA AND chicken ,vegetable tempura in hot soup
Chicken Yaki Udon(D)
sauteed udon noodle with chicken and vegetable
Shirmp or Seafood Yaki Udon(D)
sauteed udon noodle with shrimp or seafood and vegetable
Sukiyaki (D)
tender beef slices or chicken with vegetables in a pork with special broth
Unagi Don (D)
a bowl of steamed rice topped with brolled japanese eel and special sauce
Yosenabe (D)
seafood noodle soup.


Served with Miso Soup,Salad and Rice

Vegetable Teriyaki(D) $10.95
Chicken Teriyaki (D) $13.95
Beef Negimaki (D) $18.95
Beef Teriyaki (D) $17.95
Scallops Butter Yaki (D) $17.95
Jumbo Shrimp w. Vegetables Teriyaki $17.95
Alaska Salmon Steak Teriyaki $17.95
Filet Mignon (D) $18.95
Teriyaki Combo
Pick Any 2 items

Catering Menu

Catering for your Family gathering, home party, office meeting, corporation party. etc...

Party Tray A 50pcs (2-3 people)
2 california rolls, 2 spicy tuna roll 1 spicy salmon roll, i tuna avocado roll, 1 salmon avocado roll, and pinklady roll.
Party tray D 100pc (5-6 people)
20 pcs of sushi, 20 pcs of sashimi, volcano roll, imperial dragon roll, new jersey roll and 12 pcs of spicy tuna.
Party Tray B 80pcs (4-6 people)
2 califonia roll, 2 spicy tuna, 2 spicy salmon, 2 eel avocado, 2 alaska roll, 1 rainbow roll, 1 dragon roll.
Spring Roll Platter (30 pcs)
tempura vegetable spring roll
Gyoza Platter (30pcs)
pan fried pork and vegetable dumpling
Chicken yaki platter (20 pcs)
chicken skewers marinated in teriyaki sauce.
Edamame party Tray
broiled soy bean with salt

Desserts and Drinks

Soda $1.50
Ice Cream $3.50
Fried Ice Cream $5.00
Mochi $4.00
Dora Yaki $3.00